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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often do you run promotions through the program?
    In 2021 we will be running new promotions every quarter. Products included, the rules and the amounts for each promotion change so make sure to check back often.
  • What is the new User ID number?
    This is a unique number assigned to you by the KPFG Cash Back that allows you access into the operator payment portal. If you have registered for the KPFG Cash Back program in the past you have automatically be assigned a User ID. To recover your User ID number go to the operator sign-in and select recover my payment ID. You will then enter the e-mail address you used to create your original account. A e-mail will be sent to you with your User ID.
  • Do I have to register to participate in the program?
    YES. In order to participate we must 1st verify your business and contact information. At this time, national chains/franchises do not qualify for the program.
  • Is there a cut off date to submit proof-of-purchase?
    YES. You have 1 month following the end of the promotional period to submit proof-of-purchase data. Proof-of-purchase data received after 30 days following the promotion will not qualify for cash back earnings.
  • How often do my rebates get paid out?
    In 2021 the next payment is on January 15th. There will be three more payouts in 2021 with dates TBD.
  • What is the KPFG Cash Back Visa card?
    This is our primary method for paying out rebates to customers. This KPFG branded Visa gift card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted including at the ATM. You will receive up to 6 cards a year from KPFG Cash Back assuming you have turned in your proof-of-purchase prior to the cut-off dates.
  • I missed the next payment cut-off date, did I lose my earnings?"
    You can miss the next payment cut-off date and still qualify as long as you submitted your purchase data 30 days prior to the end of the latest promotion. If you meet that standard then you will be paid on the next round of payments to our members.
  • I lost or never received my KPFG Visa Gift Card.
    Please contact us at and we will arrange getting you a new card.
  • How long do I have to use my KPFG Visa Gift Card?
    You have 1 year from the date issued to spend he money on the card without accruing monthy fees. Whne you're done with the card you can simply throw it away. Don;t worry we will send more as you earn more.
  • What is different about the KPFG Cash Back cards in 2021?
    We have moved to a single use Visa Gift card. All the same benefits as the reloadable version except you can throw away the new cards once you have spent the full balance. If you still have a older Visa reloadable card from 2020 you can also throw that card away after you have spent the full balance.
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